Layout in linux is different

My first try with Shotcut video editor.

I’d like to follow this official tutorial on splitting and trimming videos, but my layout is very different from the one displayed.

Video doesn’t seem to be added to the timeline. Several options are not displayed as well.
The version of Shotcut from my distro Void Linux is 18.04.06.

Drag your video from the preview window t the timeline area below and the track will appear.
Basically you haven’t spent the time learning how to set up the UI to your fancy. Each panel is able to be toggled on/off and is movable.

That video is for OpenShot. This is Shotcut. They are two different applications. Our tutorials are here.

The Timeline in your screen is empty - not even a toolbar - because it is not compatible with the OpenGL on your system. Timeline is not a necessity. You can still trim (in the Source tab) and use the Playlist, however, because that panel does not require OpenGL. Then, you can export the Playlist project.

Sorry about the confusion!

It’s not OpenGL compatible because it’s Linux?

Does this critic make any sense about instability of the MLT Multimedia Framework?

What I need is just to copy a video into some pieces. Is this explained in any of the tutorials? Those titles don’t suggest such operation.