Layers problem


I often put several videos on the same screen, let’s say for instance I divide the screen in 4 areas and I put a musician in each one.

I use for that filter rotate and scale, I supposed it is designed for that.

In some projects if doesn’t work, I mean areas that should contains other video layers stay black, I don’t understand why.

I have also noticed that if you have for instance 8 layers (1 is the bottom and 8 is the top), it works for 8-7-6-5 but not for 8-3-2-1 , even if intermediate layers are disabled.

Did I miss something to understand concerning layers’ logical?

Do all the tracks (“layers”) hve the same BLEND mode? Check each track’s properties.

I wasn’t aware about tracks’ properties, but yes, the blend mode is superposition for all tracks. The lowest video track and the audio track have empty properties.

I’m sorry, I have tried reproducing your problem but I cannot. It works for me. Instead of “rotate and scale” can you see if you still get the problem using the “size and position” filter. This is also probably a better filter to do what you are trying to do.

Thank you for your test. A little bit more info, Blend Mode is Over… I called it superposition, which is the french word, sorry for that.

Perhaps my shotcut version is really too old:
shotcut version 20.04.12
My ubuntu version:
18.04.4 LTS

I made some new test. I have some projects where I can do all concerning blend mode Over, if one works, all works, rotate&scale, cropRectangle and so on. But if one doesn’t work, nothing works.

You are right, size&position is a much better filter than Rotate&scale for what I do. I just tested it, I earn a lot of time using it.

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