Layer overlay problems


I am using shotcut 17.03.02 and having problems with video overlay in mulitple tracks(problem also appears when i use an old or new portable version).
I have 3 video tracks
Track 1(video track, top) is a .PNG that I try to overlay in the corner of the screen. < always visible
Track 2(video track, middle) are multiple videos and here the overlay is visible on the top with the video.
Track 3(video track, bottom) are multiple videos and only the overlay .PNG is visible without video.

The visibility of track 2 and 3 are switched on and off when needed.

When I re-open my project some video files have become a audio track, if i drag them onto a video track they will become video files, but also glitch out with layers above them not appearing anymore.

Any sugestions on what to do?

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