Latest vid - 35mm Film Grade - Tour Vid in Port Vendres France

Tried to go with a 35mm film grade here, similar to the grading of spy/action films shot in Europe. I always liked how visually appealing those films were (Ronin, Bourne Identity, James Bond from the 90s flicks).

I need to get some filters so I can manually control my exposure, as the gopro would sometimes overexpose the clouds and that ruins it.

As always, I use the Jason Bourne LUT I made a while back, which I uploaded here for everyone to use.


I like the spoken introduction at the start telling where you plan to go.

Although, your exhaust drowns out the voice a little so maybe next time consider doing the intro before starting the car. As for having exhaust sound in the rest of the video, it’s just fine. That’s just the smallest of details.

I think some sort of map, even done after the fact showing where you plan to take us would be helpful in the introduction.

I don’t know if it’s also possible to stop for a coffee/drink/snack somewhere to sit and admire a view or some detail that caused you to make the trip. That would create a little emotional peak before you head back.

The title says “They don’t like villages like this anymore”. I think it could do with showing more details about the original village, the history, or if not go sit in the square and experience it for us.

Mr Bald and Bankrupt, as an example, would travel 3000km to somewhere in outback Russia to show a soviet wall mural. That’s just an example of a highlight.

So having one closeup shot, a pan shot that wraps up the experience of the old village would help a lot in pulling together the video as a more cohesive story.

Thanks for making.

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Thanks for the tips David. Glad you liked it. Yeah, I’ve been battling that cabin noise and had to raise my voice to compensate. I’m going to get an external mic or something to help with the noise.

I had some videos of the plaza where the restaurants are, but I think I lost them or delete the files by mistake sigh. I like your ideas of sitting in a cafe or showing some areas.

In some previous episodes I showed a map route where I had the route marked and, but forgot to keep doing it. Will bring it back up since viewers appreciate that. Stay tuned, planning to bring more interesting things and at times free LUTs for y’all to enjoy. :slight_smile:


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