Latest version loosing synch when draggin video with audio to timeline

Thats it. Im back to the latest working release.


This topic is just to point that this new version continue having issues for me.

Try converting the source video to something more edit friendly, I solves a lot of these kind of issues.

(press the Convert button in Clip properties)

I apretiate your tip but its a no go. I work with multiple tracks and many are from the same source and these same files works flawless on the shotcut 22.x.x.x version.

but im ok bro. im working with the latest version that works for my jobs and its all fine. atleast all that im using from shotcut i can use in this particular version so, no worries about the latest release so far.

ill continue to try the next versions to see if this will be solved and ill bring here the findings and results.

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