Latest version doesn't run anymore

over the last 4 weeks I’ve been working with Shotcut. As some bugs seemed to occur, I downloaded the lates version a few days ago (Mac, 64bit).
First, it seemed to run better than the version before but after a few hours it didn’t open anymore. I tried GitHub and FossHub, bot are the same now.
Any ideas what I could do? Or should I try to go back to the version before?
I have restarted the computer in-between.

J’ai rencontré également un problème avec la dernière version.
renseignement pris avec l’équipe de Shotcut, le bug devrait être corrigé avec la version 1908.

Pour pouvoir continuer à travailler, j’utilise la version portable 1904.
ainsi je n’ai pas eu à désinstaller la dernière version.

Cela fonctionne sur PC sur MAC je ne sais pas.

I also encountered a problem with the latest version.
intelligence taken with the Shotcut team, the bug should be fixed with the 1908 version.

To continue working, I use the portable version 1904.
so I did not have to uninstall the last version.

It works on PC on MAC I do not know

Try removing or moving your settings file. Maybe something bad went into it.

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