Las transiciones no funcionan! Transitions not working!

Tenia la versión 17.04.02 y las transiciones no funcionaban , asi que me actualice a la versión 17.09.04 y tampoco funcionan! .Porque? Que necesito descargar para poder utilizar o tener las transiciones?
Pd: He seguido todos las pasos que se dan en los tutoriales para poder añadir las transiciones y aun asi no funcionan.

I had the versión 17.04.02 and the transitions didn’t work so i downloaded the versión 17.09.04 and doesn’t work either. Why? What do i need to download in order to use or have transitions?
Pd: I followed all instructions given on tutorials and still doesn’t work. Please help me¡

Which instructions?
What are the steps you are taking?

I guarantee you that all transitions work when correctly applied.

Quick tutorial, follow these steps

Hola gracias por responder ,me he dado cuenta que la transiciones no funcionan cuando usas la misma fotografía aunque tengan distinto nombre .
Hi thanks for your answer , I noticed that transitions don’t work when you use the same picture although these don’t have the same name.I tried to add a video so you can understand but i can’t

Sorry, I don’t understand what you are meaning?

However, transitions between two different images or video clips work in the same way as transitions between one image split into two or one video split into two clips or one image transitioning to a video clip, and so on. It all works in the same fashion and accessed as shown above.

Yes .It Works with different images .When i use the same image twice the transition doesn’t work. I made a video so you can watch for yourself but i can’t upload a video in the fórum.

Do you have DropBox?

Yes i have i will try

Shotcut Transitions not working

I’m not sure why you expect to see anything under those parameters!?
There has to be some difference for there to be a ‘transition’, otherwise there’s nothing to transition from or to…:slight_smile:

Using the same image either side of a transitory section won’t show you anything because there is no change occurring in the image.

For example, if you apply a colour grade to the second image the transition will have something to transition to…

Ah ok there has to be a difference between two images .Thanks

One more question .When i superimpose my images on my background video and add the transitions between images ,my background video disappears. I show it to you in this video .How can i make my transitions do not disappear? Shotcut transitions disappear background video

You need to first use the Size&Position Filter on your overlay images before you add the transistions.

Thanks .It Works. Gracias por la ayuda.