Laptop Upgraded to MSI Studio

Well I finally decided to treat myself to a good video editing laptop. MSI Prestige 16 Studio which has an i7 13620H processor with an NVIDIA GeForce 4050. It is very early days with this new machine and I am already impressed with it’s performance. If anyone else has the same or similar, I would be very interested in what settings you are using. I am thinking that this machine will let me edit 4k video for my YouTube channel with relative ease. I am also capturing most of my video with a Google Pixel 6a mobile which has a very impressive camera.

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The Google Pixel 6a has no memory card slot :frowning:

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I am glad other people still value the memory card slot, I’ve been holding on to my samsung s20 hoping for a good flagship with card slot but so far I am not convinced by anyone… I might actually get a battery swap and keep using it for another 3+ years.

LG stopped making phones but I still use the LG V50 and plan on using the LG V60 soon

Sadly yeah, they gave up on the phone market… Sony still has flagships with cards but they are rather expensive and with short software support.

Now back on topic, I think at least 256 gb of internal memory is pretty manageable if you clean up often - but sadly it’s way more expensive than a 256gb memory card. The video bitrate of 4k30 on phones is rather small (on my phone it’s about 30-40mbps on hevc) so there’s plenty of hours of recording even if you hoard large apps.

As for the new laptop, congrats, it sounds pretty powerfull. I think 4k on your phone is still variable framerate and highly compressed (h264 or hevc) so it won’t be buttery smooth after you apply many filters but you can quickly make proxies and they are a game changer for 4k editing.

It’s totally stupid that every phone is taking away SD cards and headphone jack. I have an S23 Ultra, and it’s fine. It has the best camera currently on the market, but they borked that camera with the worst color science on the market. Samsung bakes their colors with so much HDR fakeness that nothing looks natural. I think the Pixel’s photos look infinitely better. My friend has a Pixel. When we hike together, his photos ALWAYS look far better than mine. Samsung might have a 200MP camera, but it’s useless without good color science. Besides, it’s a fake 200MP anyway. Shooting at 50MP with pixel binning looks way better. The 10x optical zoom is nice though. No one else touches that at this point. Can get closeups with my phone that no one else can. I never go past the optical options though. Digital zoom is junk, even with the AI enhancements. One word of warning about the Pixel though: it takes HORRIBLE panoramas. Worst ever. Don’t know what they did to make them so bad. Blurry, bad color, lower resolution than regular photos for no reason. Panoramas on my Samsung look as good as the regular photos, and they are very high resolution.

Your system sounds great. Editing 4K should be zero challenge for you. I can edit 4K and even 5.7K footage on my far inferior system that I built back in 2019 or so. Granted, it can get choppy when adding a bunch of effects and tracks, but that’s to be expected in my opinion. Can always use proxies if working on heavy projects to get smoother playback while editing, like Daniel47 mentioned.

I don’t terribly mind the limit of storage on my phone. Of course I’d rather have a huge SD card in it, but I manage. Just means I offload more often, which is something that should be done occasionally anyway.

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Yes that is a bit of a bind. My last phone did. I use a double ended USB 3.2 cable to plug the Pixel 6a into the laptop and transfer the data files that way.

It is very early days atm. I am managing to make very smooth edits without proxy atm on 4k, but taking onboard what you said. It will be nice to have that option if I need it. It’s so nice that I can relax when editing without ShotCut crashing the laptop just when you least expected it. :man_facepalming: :face_with_peeking_eye:

My partner has a really good Samsung but she is so impressed with the Pixel camera that she is going to swap her phone soon. No doubt she will get a pixel that is way better than mine. I shoot a lot of video in my workshop so I don’t want a real expensive mobile that could get damaged. The pixel really has impressed me and others who have seen the results from it. I do have a DSLR that shoots 4k video but I seldom use it…maybe I will now I have better editing capability. :man_shrugging:

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