Languange change not working

Mageia 9 Linux, Kernel 6.6.28

I just created the mageia package of shotcut 24.4.28, my default linux language is English so I changed the shotcut language to spanish and it’s not working, I also tried other languages and it’s stays in english,

Am I missing something?

I when back to shotcut 21.12.24 and WOW… it was on spanish, they way I left 24.04.28 but now I can only choose between spanish and english… I tried Italian and other and it stays in english.

I left 21.12.24 in spanish and upgraded to 24.4.28 and WOW… it’s back to english again. no other languages work.

Did you try to restart shotcut after changing the language?
I mean after pressing on your language, just close shotcut and re-open it.

I know it is very dumb to ask, but we ignore small things more often.

Whoever made it package must fix that; we do not make it.