Language Problems

Hello Developers,

looking at my posts you find that I have a number of issues, and it appears no one else has them.

Could it be that ShotCut has a problem with the languages and macOS?? I had an issue with the slow motion, which was due to comma/dot in German/English, and btw slow mo seems too be completely gone by now.

Also in order to see if there is an issue, I switch from German SC to English and back again, on a MacOS in German. And it moved the clips very much to completely other places. Another number-in-different-countries problem? I mean why should that change at all??

So if SC is best used on English MacOS and SC in English, pls tell me. I am working on a commercial project and wasting my time on fixing the issues created with SC.

Some clear instruction would be helpful!!

I am happy to work with a texteditor in the xml files, too, maybe some coding is changed there accoring to language…

Speed setting is still under the ‘Properties’ tab

Hi Steve, sure I know where to find it, but alas, anything I type in has no effect on the movies!

I think my above statement with MacOS and Languages is write, or both have some effect. I have switched to an older Windows 7 Laptop computer and a lot of issues I was reporting are gone. Havent seen that the clips are shifted and so on.

So in case you need a beta-tester for MacOS I am happy to help, but my routine work I will do with the Win laptop (tho it has a small screen).

best Fabian