Lag, bug, and can't add videos by dragging it to the timeline

Im shalshaka and im using shotcut to edit my gaming videos
I have an issue,my shotcut begin lag when I put the 3rd video part to the timeline.
For example I have 4 videos to edit, when I edit the first and the second video it works fine,but when I’m trying put the third video it begins lag and crash and having a problem at playback the video
That’s my problem, I hope you guys can help me fix it
Big thanks to shotcut developer

Shotcut version?
OS Platform?
Computer specs (CPU/RAM/GPU) ?

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I’m using the latest shotcut version
My is windows 7 64bit
My spec
Intel i3 3250
8gb ram
Gtx 1050 2gb oc

By the way, I’m not using the "convert to edit friendly"
Is that caused my problem?

Doubt it, I never use that feature.

If you haven’t already, shutdown then restart your computer.
Try again.

Disable GPU Processing (if enabled)
Try again.

It’s not working Steve, my video audio works fine but the playback is stopping at one frame and won’t move

if you change to older version of shotcut,can you still put your project to it?

Is your third video exactly the same resolution, bitrate and frame rate as the first two?

I record all of it at one time with shadowplays, so I guess it has the same resolution

This may sound like a silly question but it has a reason.

When you tried adding your 3rd video did you try waiting 60 or so seconds before editing it?

I’ll explain why I am asking - I haven’t used shadowplay so a little ignorance comes in here on my part but I presume that it is recording game audio as well.

I’ve noted that shotcut take a little time to display the audio waveforms as it moves from one end of a cut to the other - this even occurs on my mighty beast of a machine, give it a minute or two and see if the audio wave form has filled in at the bottom of the clip you added and if this improves your editing stability it could just be that you are trying to do to much to fast and your PC can’t keep up and that does make it look like shotcut crashed but it may still be working in the background.

I notice it way more on my 2600K than on my 6900K.

Hope this helps.

Additional Shadowplay from the little bit of research that I have done records VFR Variable Frame Rate - so convert to edit friendly or running it through some system that converts it to FFR Fixed Fram Rate is required.

I will try, Thank you steve and thank you Chasse
Hope this help my problem