La Magdalena - new video made with Shotcut

This is a French hymn, and it’s one of the most beautiful melodies I’ve ever heard. It was originally some sort of popular song which was repurposed in the early 1800s, from what I can tell. I don’t typically make religion-related subject matter, but how can you avoid it with a hymn? So…not endorsing the religion, but you have to acknowledge the power of the imagery in today’s culture, and I really made this for friends who are more oriented this way than I am. There is a bit of history included in the YouTube description. It is an absolutely gorgeous piece, IMO.

This is the video I just posted about in the HELP section where I had a problem with the font.

Oh, and I remembered to credit Shotcut in the closing credits, which are truly minimalist by my standards.


Yeh, just forget this post… Someone got offended :slightly_smiling_face:

Good summary! I had second thoughts before I even recorded the song (which I did before the video) for exactly those reasons, but in the end, I love the music so much I just did it anyway. You can get into all sorts of arguments about the Catholic church, or any church, but really, I made this for those of my friends who are who are likely to appreciate it. I’m more of an Animist, myself, lol. But that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate the power of the imagery.


Yes, a song is just a song, regardless of the religion or anything. If it’s good in ears, it is indeed a good song. And if it’s bad in the ear it is indeed a bad song.

But this hymn is good in ear, it is absolutely a gorgeous piece.

People just forget that we are humans before any religion and fight over small things… Humanity comes before religion, IMO.

Forget, all of the above, the hymn is a masterpiece.

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I love this, @Tyrannocaster. Indeed a lovely piece of music and your video fits the music perfectly with its soft fades and gentle zooms. Bravo!
Just wondered if you meant the solid black at 2:33? I understood the black section at 2:46 because it was positioned at the end of a section of the music, and was very effective but the earlier black section didn’t seem to be appropriate - I expected a photo?

Also I listened to without realising it was you who recorded it! Gosh, bravo again! Was it ana adaptation of a traditional piece? Sounds Renaissance. I Googled it but couldn’t find it.
Found this song though, which was great!
Cry Cry Cry

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Thank you, jonray. Yes, the black there was deliberate. It just felt right to me to shake things up mildly, and it put extra emphasis on the text there, which set up the following image and text (which because of its subject matter I felt was particularly strong already). It was just a gut decision, and I tend to trust tose even though they are not always correct; in this case I think it was, but there’s always room for disagreement.

From what I can glean, the earliest written version of the song dates to 1830, and supposedly it began as some sort of popular melody which was repurposed into the hymn. There are not many recordings of it - i only found two, in fact. Never let a good melody go to waste, lol. Sort of how the church co-opted so many “pagan” holidays, just incorpoating them into its schedule; very effective tactic.

Cry Cry Cry is one I’ve never heard before, though I’m not familiar at all with religious pop/folk. I wish they had provided some info on the tune; I hate it when a distributor just tosses a song out into the world with no accompanying material. And how in the world does a TOPIC (the song, here) get 422 subscribers? I will never understand YouTube.

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That’s fine, @Tyrannocaster ! Apologies for bringing it up. Just wondering if you intended it, but no worries, it looks great anyway.

Interesting. You don’t have the links do you? Just intrigued as to its origin. 1830 surprises me - Beethoven died in 1827, and by then the Early Romantic period (and the end of the Classical) was getting under way. But then, that is regarding Western music. This was probably a French folk song or Monastery chant or something.

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First off (and changing the subject ALREADY, lol) - I can’t figure out how to quote someone when I respond. Help!

Anyway, no - I didn’t save any links. Like you, I suspect the melody itself is older than that, although the chordal treatment is probably more modern. Stuff gets recycled all the time - heck, even Stravinsky was sued for his use of Elle Avait Une Jambe de Bois in Petroushka - it was a French pop song at the time and he quoted it in his fantastic piece. So music moves both ways and it’s not always obvious what streams it takes.

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It’s very intuitive. Select the text you want to quote (click/drag) then click on the “quote” box that appears. A reply box will appear… then type your reply. It is a superb feature!

Totally agree about the tune’s history, and your quote re: Petroushka is a great one. Music does indeed move both ways! I’m re-listening to your video. Great work!! :+1: :+1:

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Ah, I see! Thank you; I wonder how that will work on my tablet, where I don’t have a mouse.

Every view increases the percentage by 10%, my channel is so small! :grinning: Glad you like it.

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On your tablet, you should be able to press & hold anywhere on the forum page to enable the Copy mode.
Simply move the sliders to select the text you want to use, then press the Quote button.

Here’s how it works on my phone. Hope this works. It’s the first time I edit a video on my phone.

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It works, though it is a lot easier on the desktop computer; here on my tablet things get mixed up between the forum’s quote function and the tablet’s natice copy function because they overlap each other, but I finally got it to work.

I don’t even want to think about editing a film on a phone; I have enough challenges, but good for you if you can do it!