Kudos to 24.01.28

I don’t come here often. I read a lot, I search for solutions to problems, but I don’t contribute a lot. But the latest 24.01.28 has made me crawl out from under my rock just to say what a fabulous difference all the new Group features are and what a “huge sigh of relief” difference they have made to my workflow.

Really, a huge thank you to the Team from me.


Agree! Not only the group features but the tons of user-friendly and editor-friendly stuff added over the recent months by @shotcut and @brian - the nudge, multi-clip selection, easing keyframes etc etc… and what about the new blue(ish) line that appears when resizing the timeline or the panels? Small thing, but much appreciated!!


Thanks for the encouraging words. Much appreciated!


same here. Big Thanks to the developers.
If possible see if we can get those big AI like text automatically. That would be very cool and save a boat load of time. Anyway great job keep it going.

Could you explain this? I literally have no idea what this means.

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