KeyFraming text

Why can’t text be keyframed? It would make for some nice editing and its quite important for effects.

By keyframed i mean key framing the actual text.

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In my opinion text animation in general is important in many cases of video editing. This topic seems underestimated in SC. If you want something fancy you have to find a work around or use some other tools like 3d animation to have complete freedom of choice.
At least a blending in of text and single characters would be a great improvement for SC, or an animation in size, position. Of course you can achieve that with layers and filters - but a tedios job if you have to use that often.

Do you mean the position of the text?
Do you mean when text appears?
Would this be paragraphs, individual lines, words or letters?

It would make my life easier if I could paste in text or specify a text file and select which lines appear when. I currently have to do a lot of copy and pasting.
e.g. have blank lines between sections and use a keyframe to trigger showing the next text block/blank line.
This could be useful for lyrics, subtitles etc.

Hi @Merciful, is this the kind of text keyframing you were looking for? :smile: :wink:

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This is not about size and position animation. It is basically the same thing as burned-in subtitles or simply adding the Text parameter to the list of keyframable parameters. This is already on the road map. In fact, a change was made earlier in the year to start to add this, and it broke text that contains an equal sign due to an underlying technology issue that needs to be addressed. So, the change had to be reverted to focus on more important goals at the time. In the meantime, search the #tutorial and #resources categories for “subtitles” as there are helpful tools and techniques.

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Ah, OK, I got the wrong idea of what the OP meant.

I misunderstood what the OP wanted as well.

And here is an example of completely free animated text as you probably only can achieve via 3d animation program, images combined in SC: