Good morning,
I must have missed something somewhere, the keyframes are no longer displayed.
How to restore them please, SC V24.01.28 – W11.
Thank you for your help.

Hi @Epsilon85

I think you will need to give a bit more informations. When you say “the keyframes are no longer displayed”, do you mean the keyframes panel or the actual keyframes?

All things look normal to me regarding keyframes in my 24.01.28 version of Shotcut.

Hello and thank you Musical box for your quick response.
I solved my problem by deleting SC and redownloading it.
Everything is back to normal, I don’t know what happened, it was the panel with its keys that had disappeared.
Thank you Best regards

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If this happens in the future if a panel is not visible, try Restore Default Layout.

What may have happened is a panel may have been detached or closed by accident. That is what these icons do:
To restore the panel or pull it back to the top, you can simply click on the appropriate icon on the top toolbar.

You can also assign keyboard shortcuts for layouts.

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