Keyframes layout, functionality suggestion

I think the current keyframes layout has a couple of usability issues.

  1. Shotcut currenty has 3 types of advanced keyframes. I think these 3 filters are great for average users, but for more advanced users it would be nice to have more options:
  2. My second suggestion would be to put the keyframe types onto the layout; currenty we have to click 3 times to access the other keyframe types which adds up in a longer project.
  3. Option to modify the default keyframe for a project.

Agree - but rahter of minor priority :slight_smile:

Not sure what layout means here. Toolbar? In any case, please be aware that when a keyframe is added, its type is based on the previous keyframe. If there is no previous, then it is linear. I hope that helps you save some time.

This has been implemented for the next release.