Keyframes in action - slideshow. Also featuring overlay HTML/WebVfx

Hi all,
Just thought I’d share this segment of a slideshow I created featuring some of my snapshots of my neighbourhood.
I used keyframes of size and position to create gentle zoom/pan effects. The opening title is an overlay HTML I did utilising Elusien’s Webvfx framework. (I did have some problems getting this to work - I will begin a thread about this, and how I solved it, when I get a chance). Music track is my own piano composition.

[EDIT - direct link:]


Very nice, but you can see what is called a “moire effect” on some of the slides, which is that shimmering from animating fine details. I have read that you can reduce this problem by adding a tiny amount of blur or un-sharpening (Sharpen filter, Amount < 50%). It is not clear whether to put this blur/sharpen filter this before or after the Size and Position. I think it goes before, but that does run much slower than placing it after, which will probably soften the result too much.

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Thanks Dan. Yes, I can see the Moire effect, especially on the opening slide (Not too obvious to me, but it’s there). No fault of Shotcut’s, I think - in retrospect there’s way too much sharpness on that photo!!

I processed the original in gimp using the sharpness filter and increasing the saturation (A LOT)!. I’ll re-do the processing of the original. Also I’ll experiment with the blurring filter in SC. I was delighted with the smoothness of the movement of the slides. You have done a great job with the keyframes feature, thanks!!

Don’t know why, I can’t see your steamable here…
On the other post, I can see the second one, not the first.

I can’t reach the video in this thread either. If I rightclickopen it: 403 Forbidden

Yup, just a white screen for me too today. Worked before… No idea what’s happening. Any ideas anyone?

Seems like the link is dead…
Can you give the link alone?

Hey guys, it works (Plays inline) fine for me here.
Streamable might have been down for a short period.

Still white screen for me…

And still a white screen for me. Could be a problem with Streamable.
The direct link is:

Be interesting to know if it works if the above link is cut and pasted.

Looks like I may have to use another video host site. Can anyone recommend any good ones? Pity about Streamable, it was simple and straightforward .

Steve, what browser are you using?

Working OK on my phone with direct link.

Maybe it’s the forum that “block” streamable now?
But I don’t understand why the second link here is playable…

Same for me … the first one doesn’t work but the second does. Hmmmm… no idea why.


Me too. Still doesn’t work for me though. I’ll try another video host for posting videos on here.

It clearly can’t be the host otherwise it would not play for everyone. Perhaps one of your chrome extensions is preventing playback.

It’s playing here as well. Using chrome.

The mystery continues… I have these extensions: AdBlock, Adobe Acrobat, Google Docs Offline, Norton Identity Safe, Norton Security Toolbar, Google Docs, Google sheets. Just disabled them all. Problem continues: I get this:


Thanks, sauron, very helpful.

Hi Folks, I just uploaded the same video to VIMEO. Could I ask if this works OK on your screens?

Many thanks!

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Works here.

Great, thanks! Works on mine, too.