Keyframes and all their issues

In recent updates (over the past month or two if I recall correctly), keyframes went from working splendidly well, to hardly working at all for even the most basic functions.
Todays “What the heck?” question is:
Why does keyframing the “Size, Position and Rotate” filter not work.
Specifically, when keyframing “SPR” (to shorten it), making the gradient come in from the left applies all the SPR details to the left as well (therefore not allowing a gradient as start frame details are locked to the same details as post-start-frame-gradient settings). As for the end frame gradient, it’s similar but in reverse, where before the gradient starts, all details get locked to whatever the last keyframe is set to.

If anyone knows of a fix for this, please drop it in as my very delayed YouTube video is crying in the corner right now and I’ve exhausted all key search terms on Google.

What gradient?

Honestly, this entire paragraph doesn’t make any sense to me.
Can you share a screen capture of your project, and explain, clearly, what it is you want to do?

Text over video
I want to have the text move from off-screen (above) into the center, then off-screen (below).

when I say gradient, I refer to the dark triangles that appear from the side of the clip (such as the ones you see on your timeline when adding a fade-in/out).
If I change the details of my filters (position on screen, size of clip) where my white-line cursor is, it will lock those details to the start of the clip (where opening keyframe is). If I change the filter details on the last frame of the clip, it will lock those details to the entire clip (meaning I cant go to a place prior to the end gradient to add different details).

You need to activate keyframes.

For the sake of clarity

This is called Simple Keyframes.

This is called the Playhead

If you need more options than what the simple keyframes allows, why don’t you use the real keyframes that you can activate with these buttons in the filter panel?
You’ll be able to add as much keyframes as you want and make your clip make as many moves as you need and/or resize it at any moment.

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I don’t think the Keyframes (simple or not) have changed in the past couple of months. I practically never use the simple keyframes, but as far as I know, they’ve always worked the same way.

After pressing the advanced keyframe button from the timeline and not from within the keyframe tab itself, advanced keyframes activated.
Thank for the assistance @MusicalBox and @Hudson555x
I must now learn how to use the advanced keyframe system.

Works fine for me. Perhaps make a video of how it’s not working for you.




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If you’re having difficulties with Keyframes, you’re not alone. I thought I knew how they worked. Over the last version or two, they seem to be working backwards for me. Did something change? I’m following a couple of tutorials on the subject but there seems to be something basic that I’m missing. I’ll keep looking into it, though.

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