Keyframeable scrolling 'HTML: Text'

Incredibly practical would be a keyframe capable scrolling in the filter ‘Text: HTML’ filter, where you can insert a stop and a rescroll at certain positions.
This way you don’t have to create single ‘HTML: Text’ segments that have to be animated with ‘Size at Position’ like I did here:

Why do you use Text: html?
By using Text: Simple you have the key images to do what you want.

Because in Text: Simple I can’t set different colors, fontsettings (italic, bold, outline, shadow) together. - That’s why. :smiley:

Why not have the best of both worlds?
Html/css supports keyframes.

You can set your text to scroll, then stop, wait, start again from any position and so on.
Can even change the look of the fonts as you go.

Have a look at the examples @Elusien provided on his website about using his webvfx.
This will give you some ideas and which part of the code will need to be adapted.

Soustitres.mlt (16.8 KB)

So that’s how you scroll subtitle … nice @Namna

I want to avoid working with css and webfx. It should be uncomplicated.

The background, for my proposal is that I have only ONE text: HTML and can use it as a template to quickly switch languages.
Therefore a keyframeable text: HTML would be very beneficial.
Thank you for your suggestions, but with serial work this is very complicated and time consuming.

By default these are timed independently of Shotcut/MLT, and it will not give proper motion when exported or seek properly inside Shotcut preview. HTML/CSS provides an API called Web Animations to gain control of the timing, but that is not supported directly in our web runtime. Shotcut includes templates that integrate a Web Animations polyfill (builds the feature in JavaScript) with WebVfx. There is no way to expose this generically in our visual HTML editor. You can, however, build your own Shotcut filter and utilize MLT properties to communicate including with keyframes to the JavaScript. This is what Crop: Rectangle and Crop: Circle do.

If you want uncomplicated, you need to look to a tool like Tumult Hype. There are other Web animation tools such as Google Web Designer, but they make it difficult to integrate their runtime last time I checked a few years ago. Also, I may discontinue the inclusion of HTML into Shotcut since the technology we use is old, unsupported, and increasingly difficult to build.

I am looking to add another rich text technology from Qt that is still supported, and it has very good visual editor support. It is much more limited than HTML5/CSS/JavaScript/WebGL/Canvas but satisfies a lot of basic textual needs.

Thank you, that sounds heart-wise promising.