Keyframe vertical ruler feature request

Would it be possible to put horizontal lines in the keyframes area.

Example: a horizontal line at 0.25, .50, .75 & 1.00

I know it shows the position in the small pop-up box when moving a keyframe marker, but having that horizontal line would make adjustments easier.



This already kind of exists if the parameter supports a curve.

Size and position parameters as you show in your screenshot do not support a curve because it is a combination of 4 parameters (X, Y, Width, Height).

Further to your request on the curve parameters, I doubt we will ever add that as it creates too much visual clutter to discern the current value line from the mid-levels. Visualize my screenshot above with additional lines at -0.5, 1.0, and 0.5. Next visualize that with multiple parameters and you will have way too many lines to look at

And that is before reducing the track height from the default, which is common.

I remember a request in the past (although I can not find it now) to enable an enlarged view of the keyframe curves for more precise control over the keyframe drag and drop control. Maybe in a much larger view it would make sense to add rulers.

Thanks guys for the replies. I wasn’t aware that it was there for other filters.