Keyframe positions won't automatically set themselves (Size Position Rotate)

The first time I did this it worked perfectly.

  1. Add clip and move it to a track
  2. Add image and move it to a track above clip, make both same length
  3. Add filter for size and position
  4. Set image starter position then click the little keyframe stopwatch next to Size Position Zoom
  5. move forward a step in the video then move overlay image to its intended position for that point in the track.

As the video (and my previous experience) shows, every time I move forward in time and then move my overlay, a new keyframe position should appear.

but this time it’s only creating a new keyframe the first time I move forward in the track.

afterwards, nothing doing… can I set them manually?

Same as this: Problem about Size & Position keyframe in the latest update

And this: Size Position Rotate filter not working on version 22.4.22

Previous Version of Shotcut: Release v22.03.30 · mltframework/shotcut · GitHub

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thanks kindly!!! I did turn back kernel versions, and try a different file, I should have gone a step further to see if some shotcut updates just came down, but only installed a couple days ago!

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