Keyboard Shortcuts - Playiist - Move up / down not working

according to the shortcut reference, i understood that i can move / rearange playlist entries by STRG UP / DOWN. I imported some clips… doubleclicked the last and tried to move it up by STRG UP. the key is not working. Same with moving down a clip / cut. All other keys working fine.

Using Win64 and shotcut 18.03.06 (german language).

Any idea?

To anybody else reading: “STRG” is the German “CTRL”.

Do you mean this reference?

Seems like most playlist keyboard commands don’t work actually.

If you have the time you can report that either the documentation is out of date or multiple shortcuts are missing on

CTR UP and DOWN do not move the playlist items. They move up and down thru the playlist items. To move the playlist items you need to drag an item up or down with the mouse.

**This is true when there is nothing on the timeline. When there is an empty timeline then @john827472 is absolutely correct.

Actually, it depends on where the focus is. If you single-click on an item in the playlist, highlighting it, then CTRL UP/DOWN just moves through the items. If you double-click on a playlist item, moving the focus to the player, then CTRL UP/DOWN does move the current item to another position.

I have confirmed this behavior with Shotcut 18.03.06 on Windows 10 and Xubuntu 17.10.

^ Exactly.

This works when there is nothing on the timeline. If you add a video or audio track then CTRL UP-DOWN will not move playlist items.

I’m not sure why it’s called a Playlist actually. It’s function really is as a media bin.
For example, the playlist doesn’t sequentially play the source files one after the other, so what’s it doing being called a ‘play’ ‘list’ ??

But you can export from the playlist where the source clips will be exported in the sequence you have set, so it makes some sense there as a list. But adding a clip to the timeline means you now have a project, changing the playlist sequence then becomes redundant.

Yes that is true.

But it can play the source files sequentially (as long as there is nothing on the timeline).
Try this. Add a few short clips to the playlist. Click the project tab and press space. The clips in the playlist/media bin will play sequentially.

Well that’s intuitive isn’t it…not :smiley:

:smile: This thread’s drifted a bit from it’s origins.

But organically…

My workflow:

  • Drag some Clips to the playlist
  • Set in and out point in a clip
  • Add cut to the playlist
  • Set another in out in the clip … add cut
  • When finished delete Source Clip from playlist, so just the cuts stay in
  • Repeat with next Source Clip
    When finished… sometimes i have to rearange the order of the cuts in the playist
  • After all i copy all cuts to timeline
    From this point i only work in the timeline.

So i tested a bit around with the Playlist Shortcuts:

  1. Open Shotcut… add come Clips to Playlist > CTRL Up/Down works fine for moving Clips in playlist
  2. As soon as i added a cut or clip into timeline… > Shortcuts dont work anymore
  3. They even dont work anymore, if i completly empty the timeline.

No big deal to use another workflow an work in the timeline.

My suggestion:

  • Just redefine the playlist as a media bin; DoubleClick media plays it; Click on timeline playhead plays project.
  • In the media bin i would not show Cuts… Cuts should only appear in a timeline. In the media bin there only should be the source media.

For me as a newbie i expected it in that way. But ok. i got it now… and i love it.
Thanx for a gread piece of software

You need to remove all video and audio tracks from the timeline for the shortcuts to start working again.

]]]]]CTR UP and DOWN do not move the playlist items.

It does work.
Read this thread fully to find out how