Keyboard shortcuts not working. I saw the FAQ

So, I have to go into the registry to correct this?

What specific keyboard shortcuts are not working? Also what OS are you on?

Sometimes something has focus and eating keystrokes such the global shortcut handler does not get them. Click on the video playback area and try again.

Thanks for responding. I can’t get consistency using the cmd + page up/page down for forward/backward 5 seconds. Also, shift +command +page up/page down for forward/backward 10 seconds. They move to do other places in the program to play different segments in the PLaylist.

Same with shift page up/down for 2 second move of the playhead.

I clicked into the video playback area, but no change… Thoughts? I restarted the program. No help.

To clarify, when I use these keystrokes, it moves the function to the playlist to play different segments, and to my different timelines. I need for it to move to the number of corresponding seconds back or forward on the timeline.

These work for me with version 20.11.28 on macOS. I used macOS since you posted the macOS keyboard shortcuts (“command”). Why did you say all keyboard shortcuts are not working when it is just a few? Also, why did you ask about the “registry” and then post about the macOS keyboard shortcuts?

Sorry, I used the wrong word, I should have used Ctrl, my mistake. I’m on a Windows 10.

Sorry again, I said “all” because I was frustrated. I used the instructions page for the shortcuts and those ones I mentioned worked at first and then would not work. I was using the instructions from here: Shotcut - Keyboard Shortcut Reference

I used the registry because this link (I misread) seemed to suggest that one has to add to the registry to make the hotkeys work if they don’t. Shotcut - Frequently Asked Questions

Its been a long 2 hours of trying to get a simple project edited, my continuity is a bit off, and these hotkeys I mentioned are not working right on my Windows 10 laptop.

Also, the playhead doesn’t respond unless I put my cursor in a certain place. Frustrated

So, please, how to get the couple of hotkeys that I am having trouble with to work consistently. And the playhead. I seem to have to be in a specific place in the top area of the timeline to make it respond.

Its more difficult to explain all of this in this format :slight_smile:

Good morning. Should I re-install it?

Did you just give up on this thread? lol

We are unable to reproduce the problem. Can you provide steps or a short video showing the problem as it happens? Are you using any “alternate mice” like a trackball or pen tablet?

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