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Is it possible to change somewhere in the program: when I insert a keyframe of a filter to not switch to the keyframe axis but stay on the timeline? Having both axes next to each other doesn’t suit me. Thank you

There is no option to keep the Keyframes panel always hidden.

One possible solution for you would be to have both panels side by side and reduce the size of the Keyframes panel to its minimum. That would leave almost all the width of the window for the Timeline. And make it quick and easy to extend when you need to see the keyframes.

Another option (not as convenient thought) would be to move the keyframes panel elsewhere in the layout.

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Hello MusicalBox,

a small intrusion, I still haven’t managed to get the timeline and keyframes like in your video, is it one or the other?

Bonjour MusicalBox,

petite intrusion, je n’ai toujours pas réussi à avoir la timeline et les keyframes comme sur ta vidéo, c’est l’un ou l’autre ?

Salut @Bal_Uso

If your Timeline panel and your Keyframes panel are grouped (i.e you need to switch between them to view one or the other) but you want them side, by side here’s how to do it:

Si ta Timeline et ton panneau de Keyframes sont groupés (i.e. tu dois basculer entre eux pour voir un ou l’autre) mais que tu les veux côte-à-côte, voici comment faire:

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Super, Many thank’s :ok_hand:

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