Just some more filters I think would be cool

  • Dynamic Zoom (I know this already is on Roadmap but it’s been forever xd)
  • Thermal Imaging (based on light/ISO intensity)
  • Pitch Adjusting (with keyframes, you could make it bounce back and forth)
  • Different Forms of Static (chromo/mono noise, pointilation, scattering, etc.)
  • Pixel Blurring (specifically on an area of the clip/project)
  • Band Passing (cap the frequency on audio)
  • Timestamp for a clip instead of the project (e.g. #cliptime# or something)
  • Wave/Ripple (as well as other photo-booth effects, like mirroring and video twisting or pinching)
  • Facial Recognition/Filters (no dog filters tho)
  • CG Light Glare (why my ice taste like water)

It appears that you are not using the latest version 18.07
For example, Keyframes were added in 18.05

The audio editor Audacity has some really good audio filters and EQ’s and it’s all open source. Just a hint to the developers :slight_smile:

Yes, I have the new update. I’m just saying that you could manipulate the pitch on the fly with keyframes, making other effects too.

this one is really cool.