Just another serve video

Just another tennis serve video. Very short and nothing spectacular.

Edit: I made a few modifications and think this version is better, but the above still stands.
Updated with some different angles and a little bit of comedy to lighten the mood (60fps):


Hi @PoisonedSlice - long time no see! Great to see your post! I’m loving your animated text effects. And how did you do the glitch effect at 0:20?

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Greetings @jonray and good to see you also.
I drop in now and then to check out new threads and topics & I especially like to have a look at “Made with Shotcut” for inspiration and ideas for future videos. But it is purely a hobby, where I make videos for people on request, or in the case of the truck show, because it seemed like the right thing to do. And since I am not a regular experienced user, I can’t help much when posters have problems or questions, else I would post more often (not that it matters, since there are many on here such as yourself with an excellent knowledge base that do their best to assist, from what I can tell).

The glitch is precisely that. When the ball hit the back fence it wobbled the camera and I got a nice shake/blur effect without having to do anything, and my immediate thought was “that’s perfect for a glitch transition”!
Glitch settings are Freq 40, Block height 5, Shift intensity 25, Color Intensity 22

But I’ve manually done something similar using:
size, position, rotate >> preset >> shake 1 second scaled followed by applying a blur and then a glitch.

I just found some more footage I can include that will work nicely with a speed ramp, so I am now going to see if I can make it a litlte better and tidy a few things up. Update coming later today!

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I especially like all the effects & transitions you used here!

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Sorry, @PoisonedSlice , I read your reply 9 days ago but forgot to reply myself! Your lengthy reply deserved acknowledgement! I also have a confession to make - when I asked how you made the glitch effect I’d completely forgotten that Shotcut has a Glitch filter! D’oh!

Hi again @jonray
No worries mate, I always appreciate your responses. I have a new one coming with some much better serve footage, so will just post an updated link in here later today. I’m adding some voice over as well, and a small analysis for the Talk Tennis Warehouse crowd so stay tuned! This one will be much better (imo).

I think Mr @jonray uses his flute as a smoking device :wink:


If that’s true, what’s worse is he didn’t offer to share!

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The secret’s out!!! I’ll share next time guys!! LOL! :rofl:

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As well as affecting my memory, this flute-playing lark is actually sending me crazy: :rofl:

Updated with some different angles and a little bit of comedy to lighten the mood (60fps):

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Love it! You cannot be SERIOUS man! I’m old enough to remember watching that live on TV! Classic! :grin:

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I’m always up for any constructive criticism and/or recommendations, since I am still relatively new to video editing. So if anyone has something to add, fire away!

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