Just another leipzig-garden-melancholic-piano-collage

I’m very happy with the recent version of shotcut. Using the Appimage with debian 12. Thank you!


It’s very nice.

The only technical thing that I can say is that it would be nice also to have some sort of light projection from the outside to the inside so that it feels more immersive. That’s just a minor tweek and I couldn’t tell you how to do it in SC. :slight_smile: I can see a little bit on the piano but I feel it could do with some more.

Well done.

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Very impressive editing work.
I love the reflection on the piano. I guess you created a mask, in Glaxnimate maybe or in Photoshop or Gimp. But I feel that the reflection should not be on the part of the piano highlighted in my capture below. Logically, the light from the window should not be reflected there.

Aside from that, great video (musically and visually), as usual.


I’m really glad that you noticed the reflection - yes there is room to improve that and I consider this for future projects (I love to do this kind of stuff).

kind Greetings

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Thank you very much! Yes, I did the quick-and-dirty way and put the same videoclip which is behind the window onto the piano (without a mask, i just projected it even without mirroring… ) to imitate some sort of reflection (I’m glad you noticed it!). Thanks for your hint, I’ll use a mask in future reflections.

Vous avez même pris la peine de faire un croquis. Merci !

Kind regards

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I have tried to implement the suggestions with better reflections on the piano and some kind of ambient room lighting. Thanks for the food for thought!

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I tried now to immitate some light projection into the room - it is not perfect, but better than nothing I guess. Thanks again for the suggestion! It is just another layer of the video ontop with some blur, opacity and with blendmode “multiply”. I hope that makes sense :slight_smile:

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