Just a straightforward video and an ImageMagick script to generate title PNGs

First I have to say thank you for this software. :slight_smile: Creating my first video was quite straightforward. And even the performance was quite OK on my middle-class PC.

Before I share the simplistic result of my beginners efforts I want to post a little script which I used to generate text PNGs for this video. Maybe someone has use for it. The script is a windows batch file and it requires the ImageMagick tool to be installed.

@echo off
set CONV="C:\Program Files\ImageMagick\convert"
set FONT=Verdana
set FSIZE=-pointsize 70
set FCOLOR=white
set FBG="rgba(0,0,0,0.5)"
for /F "tokens=1,* delims=;" %%i in (_textlist.txt) do call :RENDERTEXT %%i "%%j"
goto :END
echo %1/%2
%CONV% -size 1920x%BARHEIGHT% -gravity center -fill %FCOLOR% -background %FBG% -font %FONT% %FSIZE% label:%2 tmp.png
%CONV% tmp.png -gravity South -background "rgba(1,1,1,0)" -extent 1920x1080 TXT_%1.png
goto :EOF

And here’s a sample content of _textlist.txt: (This will generate TXT_Trevor1.png,TXT_Cats.png…)

Trevor1;Plenty of space in Trevor/Trefor...
Cats;Rescue lost cats...
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Pontcysyllte Aqueduct, cool

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Steered over it several times in my youth. Fond memories.

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