Just 3 Hours of the Soothing and Relaxing Sounds of a Crackling Fireplace to Comfort You & Help Feel Cozy

I use this in the background to focus on my video edits…


It’s obvious that you’ve never made a fire, no one ever puts wood back in. :laughing:

I’m losing something in the translation…

It’s difficult for me to speak english, I have just traductors google or deepl

It was a joke (I put a smiley), sorry, I said that you never make fire because on your vidéo nobody put wood into the fire.

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He’s saying the same log burns for three hours without burning up and being replaced. People in Alaska need this technology.


OK. I get it. Well, it’s a looped 2-minute clip so it will burn perpetually. Just testing Shotcut’s ability to do so.

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OK, got it

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