Jobs - "Failed"

I’m just wondering if it matters. I read some topics in the forums as well as watched YouTube videos. When I export the file, after it reaches 100%, it shows the it “Failed”. I opened the file and there seems to be no problem. By the way, the exporting doesn’t stop at certain percentage as what others are experiencing. Does it matter if it shows “Failed”?

Thank you in advanced!

Sometimes, a program (Shotcut runs a background program to export) crashes after it has completed the work and while it is closing and cleaning up after itself. It is usually harmless if cleanup fails because the OS cleans up after the program ends.

You can be quite confident that the file is OK because your log shows libx264 video codec statistics that it only reports at the end (and aac reports Qavg, which is also at the end). Not to mention that you can play the file until its end.

That’s good to hear then. Thank you!

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