Job Xml Empty

No Matter What I try to do whenever i export something it fails and says “job xml empty” can anyone help?

This is only known to happen in the latest version when you choose Properties > Reverse due to a bug. Are you sure you are looking at a failed export job and not a Reverse one? Make a simple test: restart Shotcut, open a clip, and go straight to Export File.

Is there any way to get stuff to reverse or do we have to wait for the bug to be fixed?

Workaround: Use the Portable version of 20.09.27.
Run the reverse clips you need through the Portable version.
If using Windows, look for firefox_2020-11-13_07-42-10

Or install a multiple version directly to reverse files, then open the reversed video in the current version.

Same error - Error: the job XML is empty!

Same answer as above

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