Job(convert to edit friendly thing ) exceeding 100%

Hi can someone help me? it does job but exceeds 100% and after its done by showing tick mark, the system says “Windows Media Player cannot play the file. The Player might not support the file type or might not support the codec that was used to compress the file.”.In starting i said “hey guys” it wasn’t recorded correctly so i have told here
Edit : it is working for export i.e it stops at 100% , its only messed with “convert to edit friendly” thing

This is common for certain kinds of source files. We have not found a solution yet. But your converted files should be fine.

There is a more detailed explanation here:

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The converted video doesn’t open

Windows Media Player supports a very small list of video file types, and MOV isn’t one of them. The MOV file is valid, but it isn’t playable by Windows Media Player. It would be by VLC, MPC-BE, mpv, or Shotcut itself.


i tried using VLC media player , the audio was only played . There was no sign of the video.

The conversion output is intended primarily for use in Shotcut. If you really want to use it with another another tool that does not support one of the conversion outputs then choose another output option that does. Codec “AVdh” corresponds to DNxHR. The “DNxHR/ALAC MOV” output plays in my VLC on Linux. I do not know why it does not play for you. Maybe it is a version issue; mine is

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