JKL - J in Particular :-)

Hello there. I just did a check or search of the forum on the performance of the J key. I used to be on the non-Studio version of DaVinci Resolve where the J key reversed playback smoothly, normally and audibly. I was wondering therefore if the same could be done about Shotcut. Perhaps there is something in Settings that I can adjust. Thank you. PS I’ve uploaded one video to YouTube from an SC edit and presently editing another so am very happy with SC and grateful.

Keyboard Shortcuts are listed here


Thanks for the reply. I mean the smoothness of the J key in that it does not move smoothly or in time like the L key in the normal direction.

This is very difficult to do while also allowing you to just about any video format directly. I do not know about Resolve. You will get better results if you first convert your video to an edit-friendly format (all I frames).

I’m a bit confused when you say format and I frames but thank you for the reply all the same. :slight_smile:

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