Jerky playback DNxHR444

As an experiment, I tried playing back a file using DNxHR44 (from Resolve). The file was created under Win10 and ported by SneakerNet to the Linux machine (unplug external HDD, plug in external HDD - amazingly high transfer rate…).

The playback under Shotcut plays about 30 frames. stops for perhaps a couple seconds, plays 30 frames, stops, etc.

I enabled GPU processing. That didn’t change the problem.

There are two reasons for file exchange. A) I want the file exchange to be a loss-less as possible. B) Resolve just works better as a title and audio mix machine. (Under Linux, 12.5.6 has no audio unless using a BMD card, which IMHO is a $150+ dongle, under 14.0.1… just not happening without a serious four figure expenditure) [/add further vein-bulging rant here].

The Linux machine: AMD Athlon ii x4 635 - four cores. 6Gb RAM, Nvidia GTX-1050ti with Nvidia 384.90 drivers (not nouveau). Ubuntu Linux 17.10 (release version of artful aardvark) and Gnome 3.26.1. Shotcut 10.10.02

The questions: Is there a less problematic lossless format I can use for transfers? Why is Shotcut struggling with DNxHR444? Is my GPU actually working for Shotcut?

Side questions: when will Shotcut up the title and scroll game (to simple drag and use)? When will Shotcut have sliders for audio levels? IIRC this was discussed at least a year ago. Anyway, sort these out and I will happily be done with Resolve.

Resolve 14 is even better again for Audio editing with the addition of Fairlight now…
I’m surprised that you don’t just prefer Resolve, it’s industrial strength and way more powerful than Shotcut.

Anyway, have you tried ProRes rather than DNxHR444 ?
Also, you didn’t mention anything about the video footage res/framerate/bitrate.
6Gb system ram may not be enough.

PS: If you want to talk laggy playback, try OpenShot :smiley: I can’t use it even with the smallest/lightest of files, while Resolve is as smooth as butter on my machine.

If ProRes isn’t in Win10 Resolve 12.5.6 (I can’t find it in the list of codecs), the choice is moot.

Given raw MP4 footage and edited (transitions) raw footage works with Linux Shotcut, I don’t think RAM is, per se, the prime cause. As always the only thing better than some RAM is more RAM. As soon as my film budget recovers from the GPU upgrade, power supply replacement, and 1Tb HDD installation I’ll bump up the RAM. After all, what could possibly go wrong? Right? Am I right? [/wink]

BTW, the 1050ti has 4 Gb, not 2 Gb.

Vein-enlarging rant:
14.0 cannot run on any flavor of Ubuntu that doesn’t use libpng12, which has been superseded by libpng16. The two libraries can’t be used concurrently. Later Ubuntu rev.s AFAIK won’t run with lib12. I found other Linux related problems, or possibly did. BMD support stopped talking, in the forum, about the issues. Even if 14.0.1 or 12.5.6 run (I got 12.5.6 going under Ubuntu LTS), the audio output must use at least a BMD Mini Monitor card, starting at $145. No card, no audio. Period. End of story. Files using H.264 and mpeg3/4 are specifically not supported.

If BMD wants to effectively wrap up free use - very much their right - then they should step up and say so. In general, I’ve found BMD to be very “our way or the highway”. Down to forum user names. I was refused access for using the user name I use on any forum: RBEmerson. I get ruling out “Dr. Doom”, etc. But a clear name? “We want everybody to have a relaxed, open feeling. That name isn’t in keeping with the spirit of the forum”. [/face palm]

Anyway, this is the Shotcut forum. Let’s mark the above as the end of the matter.

1] ProRes is available in Shotcut (as is DNxHR444) Perhaps I’m missing why you are transcoding using Resolve first?

2] I asked about ram as 6Gb doesn’t satisfy Shotcut minimum requirements if you are editing HD (8 Gb for HD*)
*You still haven’t mentioned anything about the footage res and framrate.

3] There is no min requirements for display card.

4] Re:Resolve 14 rant:
No problems at all here with the free version under Win10 64bit. Fairlight has made my audio editing much faster and easier than my previous workflow.

Well, the software is Hollywood standard and costs many hundreds of dollars, that they give it away for public use is absolutely amazing.

Good luck.

  1. Shotcut is the my only reliable editor option for Linux. Yes, I’ve tried others, including KDEnlive. Pass.
    Resolve simply is effectively dead under Linux except after investing into a host of ancillary hardware. Pass.
    Resolve under Win10, on a laptop that can’t be modded, doesn’t get the job done. Shotcut, under Linux (on an existing machine) does. Win.

Unfortunately, Shotcut titling, and speed and audio control, is IMHO lacking. Resolve does the tasks far better. Shotcut is reliable on the faster Linux machine. The challenge is to move from one editor/OS/machine to the other transparently. That’s why the transcoding. That’s the basis for my question.

  1. OK- see above re: recharging budget.
    2a) 1080p60 fps.

  2. Maybe not, but the move to the 1050ti has made a marked difference on frame rates for other (non-film) projects. Something good seems to be happening…

  3. OT - Pass.