Javascript error in EDL export

One track with video, split cuts and dissolves gives this error:

[Error ] MainWindow::on_actionExportEDL_triggered Uncaught exception at line 97 : “Error: Timecode string parsing error. 00:00:03,000”
[Info ] MainWindow::showStatusMessage “A JavaScript error occurred during export.”
[Debug ] running
[Warning] <> libpng warning: iCCP: profile ‘icc’: 'RGB ': RGB color space not permitted on grayscale PNG

00:00:03,000 is the end of a dissolve.

The mlt file and a small video file will be available for download for 7 days:

After opening it then export to EDL and the error should be visible.

NB. Wetransfer link is going down in two days(and the file hasn’t been downloaded yet).

Since we know the two main types of JavaScript errors, we can swiftly move on to fixing them.
When in Doubt, Reload
Check If JavaScript Is Turned On
Use In-Browser Developer Tools
Check Cross-Browser Compatibility
Use Console.log() to Display Anticipated Results

Rachel Gomez