"Jam Session" One man band quartet - Creativity with various Shotcut effects

My first experiment getting into Shotcut, with chroma key and other effects. Have fun!
The speciality is that I only used a small bedsheet as chroma screen. That’s how I could include the whole room into the scene. It was a challenge to process this. (for the masking I used several tracks with duplicated identical clips).

Wow ! Very impressive. You’ve put Shotcut to intensive work for that video. The use of masks is amazing.
Song ain’t bad either :slight_smile:

Effectivement c’est très impressionnant et très bien fait.
Je me demande comment c’est possible avec SC.
Bravo! mes respects.

Indeed it is very impressive and very well done.
I wonder how it is possible with SC.
Bravo! my respects. :+1: :clap:

Great work.

Can you show or explain more details on recording and editing?

Maybe I should make a “making-of” video.
It was fun to create the ideas and to record.
Sound I recorded with so-called “dummy-head stereo” or “head-related (VR)-stereo”, using microphones in the ears of the clay figure visble at the beginning. It means picking the spacial sound at the identical spot when listened by earphones. Video with tripod on fixed position. Don’t use cheap camera as I did. (I got lots of stress by automatically switching-off inmidst of recording, automatic focus and exposure changes, drifting stabilizer etc. All these have to be securely disabled!).
I like Shotcut for it’s multitude of great filters and their easy & logical handling. However some filters (mask) don’t function as expected, so I invented workarounds, rendering in 5 subsequent steps (My PC working thru each night for about a week).


Some tricks explained:
After the pianist placed the drum to the floor, he performed until end. Then I changed costume as drummer, picked up the drum from identical spot and performed till end. Combining both by filter ‘Mask from file’ > Bar horizontal (movable), to hide the drum. The scene “drummer seeking his drum” I could record separately after the drum was removed, because drummer leaving the room allowed a cut. All closeup-cam fadings were optional, except the piano, during which the drummer switched to sax.
Chroma screen: All parts except the Gamba had violet bedsheet at the wall, just enough to reserve for the sitting gamba player. He got punched in after compiling the other parts. It was important to use small screen instead of covering the whole wall. I tried, but only the small screen did not obscur and tint the neighbour walls as the large screen did!
Shadow I had to simluate for the drummer darkening the floor next to the gamba. Very easy animation by keyframes. They work relly well in the present Shotcut version - thank you Programmer guys! But needs much patience, waiting for rendering frames and even for zooming the timeline.


It’s very clever how you had your “characters” interact. It brings a video like this to a whole new level. Thanks for explaining the tricks.

Amazing use of masks. It’s so seamless.

My thanks to the Shotcut guys who are engineering such great tool and continue improving it.

Que asombroso resultado! Me encantó su trabajo y dedicación para que el resultado final sea demasiado bueno.

@Steve2, that is an amazing accomplishment. I am in awe of what you did. The effort was well worth it. Thank you for describing the process.
Your music is great too - nice flute playing!

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