It's get's a little laggy

So far i only really have 1 complaint about ShotCut, and it’s that the longer a video clip is in the timeline, or even just in ShotCut, the laggier it get’s. If it’s more than an hour long, it becomes almost impossible to use ShotCut, and it crashes almost everytime i try to do anything to the 1hour+long clip. My solution for now is just to do some rough edit in Windows Movie maker if the clip is long, and then when it’s shorter i edit the rest in ShotCut, so that it won’t be as laggy. But i would like it to be fixed anyway.

You could try to convert your sourcefiles to Prores, which is an edit-friendly codec and may be easier on your computer. Prores can be very close to lossless and will be bigger files than your original files.

If you do not change fps or ratio you should be able to replace/swap the Prores files with your original files in the same folders and continue editing the same project with speed improvements.

Sure i could do that, but 1 i don’t know how to do that, and 2 i still think it’sll be better to fix it anyway, and for some reason i can’t import PNG files…