It took me forever to get a working download, why not add a torrent download?

This isn’t so much a suggestion for the software itself, but rather a download method.

When I was trying to download the installer it took so long. My connection to the dl server kept timing out. Or my download speed would be around 50 KB/s and eventually just stall permanently. Why not add a torrent download to the site to save on bandwidth and server resources?

Just a thought. I almost gave up on the download when I couldn’t get the direct download to work.

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Must be a problem with your connection, I’ve always got top speed downloading from

Interesting. I made sure I tested my speeds, ran a troubleshoot and all that. Nothing else was giving me problems so idk.

In either case, just an idea.

Downloads through or (you did not specify) are provided by GitHub, which uses Amazon S3 and possibly as well Amazon CloudFront. If you have trouble with Amazon, it might have been a temporary passing problem, or you will suffer performance problems with many sites because… it’s Amazon web services. No plans to provide torrents at this time because that would actually require more resources for me.

Ah, interesting. It was through, I didn’t catch the actual download link. I think it was just a passing problem then, because I tried it again and it worked fine.

It was super irritating trying to get it to work when I was having the problem though. Oh well, I suppose.