Issues with my presets

I’m having some issues with some presets I made. I made a little text animation thing as a preset, I put it on my greenscreen, and then cut the green screen to change the words. This is where i’m having problems. When I cut my greenscreen (with the presets) The first one has the animation, but the second one doesn’t. It’s really annoying to reset the preset, so if someone has another solution and knows why this is happening, please tell me.

I have trouble understanding your description

But from what I could decipher after reading it, I suppose you added a text filter to a green clip and that you used a custom preset on the text filter to animate the text.
Then you split the green clip in two parts and expected the preset to work the same on the two resulting clips.

In fact, when you split the clip, you also split the preset.

It would be best to first make all the splits, apply the presets to each clip and then edit the text of the clips.


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