Issues with keyboard commands

I’m visually impaired and thus have to use keyboard only (no mouse). I find it impossible to edit a video, i.e. I just want to trim the beginning and end. I’ve tried the I and O keyboard shortcuts (in and out) as well as the S (split). But the playback remains the same…
What am I doing wrong? Can someone please outline the correct steps? And please remember, NO MOUSE! :slight_smile:

When you open a clip, it is not added to the timeline automatically. You do not need to use the timeline for what you described. Split is only possible in the timeline. After you open a clip and trim it, you can still play all of it. This is normal and required so that you can easily change the trim points. However, the player will pause when it reaches the out point. If you resume playing then, you are playing beyond the out point. You need to make heavy usage of the keyboard shortcuts to navigate to the beginning of the clip ("seek start’) and then “seek next edit” point to reach the in point if it is different than the start. Now, you can play to the out point.

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