Issues exporting audio

Try using Microsoft’s “Films & TV” app. This will not play MP4 files exported with a 100% quality setting. You can export at 99% and it will play that, but not 100%. I suspect there are other video players that will not play these videos.

For H.264 encoding at the resolution you are using a value of 67% should be sufficient. Try it and compare it with your 100% version and I’d be surprised if you see any difference in visual quality. You will certainly see a large difference in file size.

It plays all of the videos but I will test the lower setting.

How do you know exactly what FPS to use when recording? Nvidia control panel says my monitor is running at 60 Hz, but windows display settings say 59.95. When I go into windows and click "Display Adapter Properties " and set it to 60 there, it reverts to 58.88 in windows. How do you know exactly what it is?

Also, Do any of you create you own sound files in Audacity and then use them in your videos? The ones we create are out of time with shotcut. They skip and distort until converted to edit friendly. Is there a particular encoding when exporting in Audacity that might allow us to use them without needing to convert them?

.WAV files with a sample rate of 48Kbs.

Thanks Tim,

We figured this out. Audacity’s default rate for a project is 44100Hz. Setting it to 48000Hz did the trick.

LOL I think that is what you were trying to tell us.

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