Issue with size, position, rotate in ver 20.11.28

Windows 10 Pro
Ver 20.11.28

I occasionally add a video track with a black screen then resize the track to only cover a specific area in the video track which is below. This has worked fine till I upgraded to 20.11.28. Now resizing has no effect. The entire screen is still blacked out. I reverted back to ver 20.09.27 to fix this issue. I’m sure there are better ways to achieve the desired result but I’m still learning.

I will add that I don’t like the menu changes but I can live with that if this “size, position, rotate” issue was working.

I’m not a Shotcut expert so don’t flame me because you think you’re better than me.

It is working for me as far as I understand.

Also, in the filter, make sure the Background color is transparent. If you open the color dialog and pick black it is changed from transparent to opaque black. That change in behavior is intentional. However, there is a bug with using the color dialog to return to transparent (set Alpha channel = 0). Click the parameter’s undo button to return to transparent.