Issue with Presets in Text (Simple, Rich) in ver 20.11.28

when i create a Text (Simple or Rich) and i choose an Preset (to Scroll from Bottom to Top as Ex.) then it works Fine.
When then i change anything in the Text-Options, or want to export the Timeline, then the Preset is lost (empty) and the Export gets failed (no effect is seen in the exported Video).

Even when i saved the mlt before changing anything, when then i reopened the mlt the Preset is lost …

Any Idea, what i do wrong, or is this not a bug then a feature :wink:

Thanks for your Help, sorry for my bad English,

Oliver from Germany

It is a little difficult to understand your problem description. It is normal that “Preset” does not continue to show its name in the user interface. Is that what you mean or are you talking about the effect of the preset?

Sometimes people are able to accidentally make the text into a transparent color. But when you use the dark UI theme, the text does not look transparent because the editor is a UI element and then takes on the theme’s text color, which is near white. We cannot change that behavior unfortunately. Select all of the text and change the color.


thank you for the speedy Answer. You made my day !!!

Your second advice was the clue, i use the Dark Theme, so i didn´t recognize, that the Text color is transparent. When i choose an “real” colour (white in this case) now it is running.

And yes, i was irritated that the Name in the “Preset” was always gone when doing something. So i thought, that the Preset (Effect i called it) was de-selected. That is a little bit confusing (in my eyes)…

So, thank you very much again,


It is but also think of it this way… if you change something different than the preset, then it is no longer following the preset. That usually happens very quickly and often in most filters. Rich text is a little different in that regard. The current preset implementation is simple, and we would have to do quite a bit of work and code to make the preset name remembered and then cleared as soon as something changes, which is over 99% of all cases. So, currently low priority.

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