Issue with Markers when change the speed

Hi I’m new in Shotcut, I have the latest version (24.04.28) in Windows 10.
I use Shotcut to learn some guitar licks and to do that, I change the speed of the video, and use markers to learn some particular pieces.
The thing is that when I change the speed all the markers stay in the original time position at the previous speed and obviously in another part of the video :sweat_smile:
There is a way that the markers change the position relative at the speed change?

this is how looks when I put a marker

and this when change the speed, the markers stay in the original place…

thanks in advance for some advice.

The markers are on the timeline, not the clip, and you can only change the speed of a clip. There is no way to move markers on a clip speed change and no plans to add that.

great! it’s good to know that detail about how work the markers.

Thanks for your fast response.
I will try to find some workaround :+1:

A workaround to this is splitting the clip where the markers are, and then speeding all the clips by same amount. For eg:- For all the splitted clips, apply 2x speed to all of them. In this way you have the split areas as markers and all clips are sped up equally.
Make sure to use ripple to avoid removing the gaps.

good idea, I will try this! create many clips spliting with the markers info and then slow down, thanks! :wink: :+1:

You can also use the group feature to make things easier.