Issue syncing up audio with video

I have home movies from vhs tapes that I’ve downloaded onto my computer but the audio gets delayed every now and then so I detached the audio and cut it to where it syncs up good with the video, but when I move the audio clip to combine with the video again, it’s all out of wack and the video is cut a few seconds.

Hello and welcome:
Just to be sure what is going on:
Is the audio in sync but losing sync as the footage progresses?
Does the audio only get out of sync in Shotcut or does it get out of sync in players like VLC?
Additionally, and as a better support to give you the most useful answers, it is important that you include more information about the environment in which this problem occurs (Operating System, Shotcut version, etc).
If you think it can be of help and guidance, you can include screenshots as well.

So the sound is out of sync in certain spots to start with because the device I used to record the vhs tape onto my laptop would cut out the sound any time it was bumped. I can see the spots in the audio where the sound cuts out. I open the file in shotcut, detach the audio from the video, cut certain spots in the audio to fix it, watch and listen to make sure it all adds up. Once it is fixed, I drag the audio to the video to merge it, it merges, I play it and the sound is out of sync again and the video begins a few seconds after where it is supposed to begin. I have windows 7 and I am not sure what version of shotcut I have.

Once you are happy with the sound (before you merge back to video) try exporting it at this point and then review the new exported video, the sound should be in sync just like in Shotcut (no need to merge, just export)

This is news to me. I wasn’t aware that audio separated from the video track and subsequently trimmed in Shotcut could be included again in the original video track.
I think I’m missing something in the translation.

This seemed to work but it’s just very slightly delayed still after export so I’m HOPING that adjusting it so that it’s just slightly off before exporting it will fix it

It’s version 21.01.29

No matter what I do the audio still seems to be slightly off after export. It’s just faintly but it’s enough to notice.

This sometimes happens when the imported video is Variable Frame Rate. Did it ask to Convert to Edit Friendly when you added the original video into Shotcut?

Before you export is the audio and video synced in Shotcut?

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