Isolate Video Scopes to an Area

Is there a way to get the histogram, parade, waveform, vector, etc. scopes to show only what’s selected in the video zoom scope (or some subset of the full frame)?

Trying to fine tune video filters for specific objects in the frame (e.g. one person, place or thing). Having the scopes show the analysis for the entire frame is a wee bit harder, because they contain analysis for objects I don’t care about (e.g. a banner).

Making the video scope really big isn’t good enough.

Put a black color clip on the top track. Add a “Mask: Simple Shape” filter in Subtract mode with 0% Softness. Use Horizontal/Vertical sliders to move the box around like X/Y coordinates. To color grade faces accurately, an Ellipse shape can be used to make a tighter mask around a face.

The scopes still respond to the entire screen, meaning histograms will show a huge bump on the zero-value for all the black area. But everything non-black will correspond to the masked area.

There are probably variations on this theme that may be more CPU efficient.

A super-hack but super-easy method might be making an oversized black PNG file with a transparent hole in the center, then add that PNG file to the top track and Size Position Rotate it to wherever you need the hole to be. Then you get a VUI control to move the hole directly with the mouse instead of using X/Y sliders.



Try also the crop: rectangle video filter


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