Is This Type of Editing Possible In Shotcut?

(Great Edit From This Guy Just Gotta Say)

If yes, I would appreciate any advice or suggestions for creating content similar to this in Shotcut.

Hi @Jaedan_Narayan, I’d say that about 95% can be done in Shotcut.

But there is no magic button that will reproduce all of what This Guy did. If you are new to video editing (especialy to keyframes), it would take hours to teach you how to do it.

Some of the Shotcut filters you can experiment with to move and distort the images include: Size, Position & Rotate, Distort, Glitch, Wave and Elastic Scale. Vertigo, Trails and a couple of the 360 filters would also produce interesting effects.

For the color treatment, Shotcut also have filters to recreate what This Guy did. But not everything. If you know how to use Photoshop or Gimp, you can treat your images before importing them in Shotcut.

Thanks for the advice, I’m trying to edit around 10-15 key frames at once to ‘smooth’. I’m manually editing them one by one but saving time is always good. I am wondering if there is any shortcut to select all of the key frames? Like how CRTL + A does.

It’s not possible to select multiple keyframes at this moment.
Let’s hope this feature will be added in the future. That would be very useful.

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