Is this correct ?cpu usage 40% when i play movie in shotcut

i import hd movie to playlist.and i drag movie to track of down.
next,i play this movie with project tab,i get 40% cpu usage.
cpu usage 5% when i play this by movie player(mpc-be).

i not use any filter.
is this correct work?

Maybe; it depends. Why do you not make a better comparison? Restart Shotcut, ensure Settings > Video Mode is Automatic, ensure you are not using an interlace video, turn off all scopes and the audio peak meter, open it in the Source player only, play, and observe. It is not going to be as low as mpc-be, which may be using hardware decoding and is not a video editor. Also, as soon as you add the video to the timeline, it is going to start generating audio levels in the background (if not cached) which adds. In addition, Shotcut has a lot more UI activity to take care of especially when including timeline. Finally, unless the Video Mode matches yours source, it must do extra processing (hidden filters).

thanks for comment.
I’m sorry, my comparison wasn’t right.
I tried to play it only on the player. The cpu is reduced to about 20%.
I understand that video editing software is like this.

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