Is there anyway on how to make a interlacing effect on a video

i tried doing an interlacing effect with scan lines but the filter is just too opaque
is there anyway i can replicate a interlacing effect on a video?

Try also adding the Trails video filter, perhaps increase its value to 3 if too subtle. It is still only a simulation, but it might be enough for your needs.

The Scan lines filter doesn’t create a very convincing effect on it’s own. It needs to be combined with other filters in my opinion. Also, don’t apply it directly to your video. Create a track above your video, add a White color clip (Open Other > Color) and apply the filters to that white clip. That way, if there is a change of scene in the video below, you can simple make a cut in the white clip and readjust the filters settings for the remaining of the video.

In my example (see the video below), I added these filters, in that order:

  • Blend mode: The Overlay setting seems to work best, but you can experiment also with Multiply or Soft Light
  • Levels: Play with the Gamma slider to change the intensity of the lines and their blending with the background video.
  • Size, Position & Rotate: At 100% zoom, the lines are barely noticeable. Increase the Zoom slider to at least 150%. But I prefer 200% or higher (200% is the zoom level I used in my example). 300% will probably work better if the end result is meant to be played on small screens.

When you adjust the settings of the filters, set the Zoom level at 100% on the Shotcut player. Sometimes the line spacing will look weird if the zoom is set at Zoom Fit

Also, remember that there is no universal setting(s). You will need to play with the settings depending on the video that is on the track below.

There are probably other (and better) ways to create this effect, and I’d be interested to to see other people’s method. But that’s how I usually do it.

(Watch on YouTube, preferably at full screen)

By the way, applying a Trails filter to the video on the track below like suggested by @shotcut does add an interesting effect.


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