Is there any way to create the ultra instinct effect?

Video for reference. I was hoping to recreate the motion effect like the one where Goku (the man being punched first) avoids the punch. Is it possible in shotcut?

No, Shotcut is a video editor, not an animation creator or [after] affects processor.

This looks to me like it could be done with an Opacity filter, some Size&Position keyframes, and a greenscreened clip of the protagonist. If you have the right source file, I don’t see why you couldn’t do this with Shotcut.

Do you have a project you want to add the “ultra instinct” effect to? Are you shooting film or making an animation?

Hi @Xurat0

I had similar thoughts to @john_solo so I had a little play around this afternoon. The glowing effects are not something Shotcut can add itself, but the movement effect is doable using Size&Position and Opacity filters spread across several tracks. If you have the right source file (animation or video) you can achieve something similar. I used a still image in the test I did, but with something already animated you could do something very close to what you showed us. The total count was 11 tracks of video, but only 6 of those were needed for the “instinct” style effect itself.
Apart from the start & end position, each step was 15 frames long faded in from 0% to 100% opacity and back in the first and last 5 frames. Each step is 50 pixels laterally spaced and is moved 50 pixels to match the position of the next step in the final 5 frames. The steps are offset from each other by 5 frames apiece. Finally each step was duplicated and repeated immediately after it is first shown, but the maximum opacity is reduced to 50% giving the delayed visual echo effect.
The effect could be speeded up or smoothed by using shorter steps, say 12 or 9 frames in length and increasing the number of tracks used for more “echoes” plus you could of course introduce distortion or rotation of the image/footage to give a further impression of dynamic movement and blurring might also enhance the effect (which I believe will be key-frame ready soon).
Forgive the rest of the sample, beyond the effect test, it just amused me to put it into some kind of (silly) context.


That’s got to be the best proof-of-concept video I’ve ever seen!

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Thanks :smiley:
Much appreciated.

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Couldn’t manage to replicate your brilliant video.

Just did this to experiment with a green screen clip, chroma key filter and the size and position filter.

Tried to duplicate the “instinct” style motion.

Bravo, man. I tinkered with the opacity filters, and I got exactly what I wanted.

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